A Guide for New Cat Owners – How To Keep Your Cat Healthy and Happy

How often do your cats visit the vet? We remind you to take your cat to the veterinarian every other day, even if they don’t seem to be sick.

Here are 10 ways to keep your cat happy between visits to the veterinarian.

1. Take care of your cat.

Regular brushing and combing will be beneficial for all felines, regardless of their length. It removes dead hair and prevents him from ingesting it while self grooming . You can also observe any changes in his body. Your veterinarian can then examine any irregularities, such as bumps, lumps or sore spots, immediately. You can refer Pet Care

2. Fresh water should be available every day.

Cute kitten drinking from tap

For your cat’s health, it is vital to drink clean, fresh water. You can give your cat a tall glass to drink, as some cats won’t be able to reach the bottom of a bowl. Make sure you replenish your water supply each day.

3. You should have plenty of litter boxes.

Litter boxes should be one per cat plus one additional. If you have two cats, you will need three litter boxes. Keep the litter boxes clean to encourage litter box hygiene. You may need to scoop the litter more often than you normally do. Regular cleaning can also help you spot any changes in your cat’s stool or urine, which could be a sign of a health problem.

4. If your cat begins to urinate outside of its litter box, be aware.

If the litter box is not clean, a cat may urinate outside of his litter box. Before you put the blame on your cat’s behavior or the litter box, make an appointment to see a veterinarian. Sometimes a change in cat’s litter box habits can indicate a infection of the urinary tract .

5. You can teach your cat how to scratch.

This will not only protect your furniture but also help your cat to stretch her muscles and maintain her claws. Cat claws can be removed by regular scratching on a suitable surface like carpet, sisal or cardboard.

6. You can use a cat carrier to transport your cat in the car.

Is your cat due to see the vet? Are you moving to a different home? Take your cat with you in a suitable carrier for pets. You and your cat may be distracted from driving safely by allowing your cat to roam free in your car. This can cause accidents that could endanger both of you.

7. Make sure your cat has clean teeth.

Cats can get tartar on their teeth just like humans. This can cause gum disease and tooth decay. Cat tartar can also enter your cat’s bloodstream and cause other feline diseases. Cats can’t brush their teeth like humans. Many cats will not let their owners brush the teeth of their cat . Schedule a cleaning appointment with your veterinarian every year to keep your cat’s teeth in good condition.

8. Select a cat-friendly veterinarian

It should be obvious that cats are not smaller than dogs. It is obvious that cats require different veterinary care than dogs. An expert in feline anatomy and health can help your cat stay in the best possible health. The American Association of Feline Physicians can help you find a cat-friendly veterinarian in your local area.

9. Regular veterinary visits should be scheduled.

The vet will schedule an annual visit to check for any feline diseases. They can also administer vaccines and clean the cat’s teeth. You can also ask your vet if your cat has reached a healthy weight.

10. Neuter or spay your cat.

(Photo by Ezra Acayan/Getty Images)

Both male and female cats can be affected by reproductive diseases. Spaying can prevent uterine infections, breast tumors, and ovarian cancers in female cats. Neutering males can prevent testicular cancer, and other prostate problems. 

Spaying can also curb a male cat’s desire to roam, and if performed early enough, it may even eliminate his need to mark territory. The best benefit is: Happy Tails Pet Photography